January Crochet Basics Class Official LAUNCH!

2024 is the Year of CREATE for me. 
(that's my word of the year, one day I will write about it, bear with me, these days I have so many more ideas than time!) 

crochet stitching basics class offered by ericka champion wise of 525 designs

But part of my work to CREATE is to create classes! 
I have had hundreds of people ask me again and again to offer How To Crochet Classes over the years.

And I am thrilled to offer Crochet Basics Classes! 

The first class of 2024 has been planned and people are already signing up! 
I cried when I got the email for the first person signing up- and I know I will cry for all of the rest of them!


One of the barriers to offering these classes was SPACE!
I literally live on the Space Coast, but an appropriate space to host classes for 10 to 15 people without a bunch of noise and distractions proved troublesome.
Until my sweet friend Crystal, The Sweet Heartist, moved her amazing cookie shop to Suntree and opened the most beautiful new store front that allowed for the perfect teaching space! 


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As soon as she offered the space to me for crochet classes I KNEW it was exactly what I had been looking for! 

She's already hosted classes and market days in there, I was at the last one of 2023, and it's better than perfect! 
I mean, just look at all that space! The tables and chairs are all provided, we are going to have the best time stitching there! 

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So we are booked!
Thursday, January 25
6:30 and tickets are already on sale! 

It's $35 per person and all you have to bring is yourself and a willingness to make a mess with some yarn and learn along the way- I will bring everything you need for the evening! 

I encourage everyone who's asked me to teach them how to crochet to sign up TODAY because I can only teach 12 people at one time- more than that and some folks will get left out and that would break my heart- I want everyone to feel loved and important and to get the best out of these classes! 

As of this writing on Wednesday, January 3 at 4:30pm one spot has already sold! 
And I know all 12 will sell out long before the 25th! 

crochet basics class flyer to learn how to crochet on the space coast with ericka champion wise of 525 designs


So why me? 
Why do you want to learn from me?

Well, I have been crocheting for 31 years, literally my mom taught me in elementary school and I still say the little rhymes she taught me at that age and I will teach them to you- they make the stitching so much easier! 

Second- I was an educator- so I know how to teach a variety of people who all learn differently! 

Third- I taught my LEFT-HANDED and MALE husband how to crochet- friend I can teach you too! 
I promise! If you know how hard it can be to teach a spouse of to do things, you knowwww! Plus, he's a lefty and I am a righty, we had to figure out how to teach him backward and upside down for me! 
And we did it- he did it! and he did a great job! 
So I promise you can learn too! 

2024 is the year to learn new things for all of us and if you've wanted to learn how to crochet and call the Space Coast home now is the perfect time for you! 


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