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YouTube Assistance

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525 Fiber Designs is excited to offer YouTube Assistance!
We know that many people would like to have a thriving and growing YouTube channel and don't have the time, don't have the skill set, and/or don't have the software needed to edit their own videos.

Good News! We have all of the above! 

Solomon is a YouTube expert, maintaining and growing four different YouTube channels, including our own 525 Fiber and Designs channel.

We offer a few options to assist you in your YouTube needs.
Option 1: To create a new YouTube channel for you from scratch including all of the graphics and artwork.

Option 2: To edit and redo your existing YouTube channel and update it to your new branding and design

Option 3: To edit your videos for you.
This is the option most choose. 
You will share your videos with Solomon, he edits them with text, graphics, opening and end scenes, and sends them back to you for you to upload to your channel. 

This work is specialized and will require a conversation with you, so be prepared to answer your emails/text/messages from Solomon so that he will know how best to proceed with your channel. Failure to communicate in a timely manner will result in a delay in the creation of your final product. 

This work is also billed at an HOURLY rate of $25 per hour.
Your initial payment of $50 covers 2 hours of work by Solomon.
Additional hours will be billed to you and payment must be made before the finished product(s) are provided. Failure to pay the follow up billing will mean that you will not get your finished product.


You may buy more than two hour at a time but all time will be sold in 2 hour segments.
Example: a $100 purchase is a purchase of 4 total hours of work
a $150 purchase is a purchase of 6 total hours of work

Your purchase of YouTube Assistance indicates your understanding of this and is a binding contract between you and 525 Fiber and Designs.