YouTube Crochet Tutorial: How to Crochet a Rose Part 2- The Green Part

Welcome back to 525 Fiber and Designs!

I am Ericka and I am excited to share this crochet tutorial with you.

Today we will do part two of how to crochet a basic rose, the green part on the bottom of the rose.

We will use the following basic stitches:

Chain Stitch- ch

Double Crochet- dc

Slip Stitch- sl st


This video is over 15 minutes long intentionally, there are no skip aheads, no edits to make it shorter, I am going to crochet right alongside you the entire time, we will do every single stitch together and talk them through so that you *hopefully* don't feel lost along the way!



If you prefer the written pattern:

Magic Circle or Chain 2

Round 1: 8 DC in circle (8)

Round 2 : INC, (2 DC) in each stitch (16)

Round 3, Tentacles : *Ch 5, in second stitch from the hook DC, DC in each stitch until you reach the work. Sl st into the work. Sl st in next two stitches. * Repeat from * to * until you reach the end of the round. Tie off


Please share this tutorial with your crochet friends so we can all make the most beautiful flowers together! 


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